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Our focus is understanding your needs.

As a company, ETC Consulting is focused on offering consulting services that help schools through a variety of operating and organizational situations. We are an ETC company, and a Total Montessori Company, where each of our consultants is Montessori certified with a minimum of 10 years of expertise in their field. We provide Montessori consulting services that range from infant/toddler to middle school.


ETC's consultants and advisors have the understanding; awareness, network, skill and proficiency to successfully guide you and your institution on a variety of areas to help ensure a successful Montessori program. Every one of our consultants is not only well known throughout the Montessori community, but has years of experience as a seasoned teacher, administrator, teacher trainer, or director of a training program. We have made every effort to ensure that our team members are second to none.


One of the areas that ETC consultants are particularly versed in are the unique requirements that many public and charter Montessori schools face in meeting standards while still providing a full authentic Montessori experience. In 2015 Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center joined the ETC family. Having a Teacher Education Center, rounds out the services that we provide. ETC Consulting works closely with our Teacher Education Center to ensure that the needs of the public and charter Montessori schools are addressed.


Consulting services and advice can range from state and common core curriculum correlation, successful Montessori curriculum implementation, specific day to day operations, faculty and staff trainings, and teaching policies.


For more information on the various services, we offer as well as fees associated with each one, please follow the links below:

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