Parent Workshops, and Seminars

A successful Montessori experience depends on the relationship between the child, teacher and parent. Parents should be encouraged to talk with teachers so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the processes that take place in a Montessori classroom. In addition, each school should work to help parents as a whole, understand the Montessori Method through Parent education classes, e-mails, various Montessori publications, and classroom Open Houses. Parents are not only your customers, but your best advertisers. ETC is committed to helping you achieve the relationship that is crucial to the success of your school. Together, we can supply the knowledge, tools, and nurturing that parents often expect. We offer workshops that will dramatically enhance the relationship between your school and the parents.


Parent education classes and workshops can be scheduled on a need basis with a variety of subjects. Following is a partial listing of topics.


  1. Why attend a Montessori school
  2. Balancing school, work and family
  3. Understanding your child's feelings
  4. Developing high self-esteem
  5. Promoting critical thinking skills
  6. Self directed discipline
  7. Nurturing a creative environment
  8. Effective parent-child communication
  9. Promoting effective relationships between parents and teachers
  10. Understanding child development stages
  11. Dealing with aggression in the classroom
  12. Parent-teacher team building


Parent workshops are usually scheduled following a free 1 hour consultation with the school's director. It is important that we understand your needs, goals and focus for your particular workshop.




Within the U.S.: $110.00 per hour, minimum charge 1 hour,* plus traveling expenses.



* If you request that we provide printed materials for the attendees, all printing costs will be added to the total cost of the workshop.


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