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Teachers have been clear about the need for quality materials that are specifically developed to meet the pedagogical needs of toddlers. Printed curriculum, wooden materials for ages 2-3 as well as furniture, all are extremely specific in their purpose and demand that they meet very distinct requirements before they can be brought into the environment.  

Cards with specific sizes, objects that are sized appropriately and tested to prevent choking possibilities, furniture that meet or promote the development of movement, while at the same time keeping them safe. At ETC we recognize that teachers and administrators want to have choices. They want to have value. They want to have convenience, and they want to have sustainability. All these requirements have been explored and implemented in the toddler materials we are now offering.

Explore Montessori printed curricula for toddlers by visiting ETC's online store.

Discover individual Gonzagarredi Montessori materials specifically for toddlers, you may visit The Montessori Classroom's Online Store.

Explore our full classroom solution with Nienhuis Montessori materials. Find a complete solution with no backordered items and ready to set up. Get all the educational materials you need to start a new toddler classroom by visiting ETC's full classroom solutions.

Finally, if you are looking for furniture to equip a toddler classroom, look no further than the pre-bundled choices offered below for infants and toddlers:

New materials for Toddlers: News
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