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Discover how ETC Montessori is helping professional teachers with alignment, and standards on Montessori curriculum.


June 13, 2022

One of the most crucial elements in our field is the support that we offer teachers. For this reason, we have invested heavily in allocated significant resources in the development of the type of support that we now offer. 

The first and most obvious is the "SUPPORT" link in the menu bar. Here, teachers have a dedicated area that clearly and efficiently offers necessary links to curriculum support. The support area is divided into four fundamental areas: 

  1. Answers to frequently asked questions

  2. Video presentations and Teaching Techniques

  3. Flow Charts, and

  4. Locklizard Digital File Installation

The second area of support can be found directly in the item description. Access to the item description may be gained by simply clicking on the item and scrolling down to read more about what is included along with a detailed description of the item. Continue scrolling and under the title "RESOURCES" you can get direct access to additional support materials. Answer keys, Teacher notes, flow charts, and core standards met using each item, are all readily available. 

The third and final area of support may be found under the heading "SUGGESTED CONTAINERS". We have completely overhauled this area and we now offer suggestions for the best containers to use with the item you are looking at. We recognize that you want choices. The containers we recommend are in many cases containers that we have tested out and are using ourselves to display materials in our training center, schools, showroom, or our very own classrooms.


We remain committed to bringing you the absolute best support for our materials.  

Serving Montessori Professionals since 2003. 

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