ETC Montessori Partners with Montessori Compass


We at ETC Montessori are delighted to announce our new partnership with Montessori Compass. the leading Montessori school software company. Montessori Compass has been selected to be the exclusive online record keeping software provider to host curriculum for ETC Montessori customers. Montessori Compass has also been selected to work with Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center to provide adult learners with the necessary tools to manage their classrooms.


As part of a new cooperation, schools utilizing ETC's curriculum in classrooms ranging from early childhood through middle school will be able to seamlessly access and record those lessons via their Montessori Compass account. Customers will be able to find curriculum alignments, flow charts, and sequences.


In addition to a more streamlined and robust record keeping experience, schools using both ETC and Montessori Compass services will also be eligible to participate in other exclusive benefits. Customers who have purchased ETC Montessori complete classroom solutions will see a significant benefit in the streamlined approach and ease of connectivity in both record keeping and lesson history presented to the students. Furthermore, teachers and administrators will be able to quickly see the standards that are met when using the ETC Montessori curricula, and make necessary adjustments if needed.




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