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New Items for Middle School

In October, ETC Montessori unveiled three new items specifically designed for use in the Montessori Middle School. Based on the two year plan, the new items provide a Montessori approach to some of the concepts that are often studied in the various cycles.


Over the past year, ETC Montessori has been investing in the development of Montessori curricula for the Middle School. The materials will be supporting the Year A and Year B model, with each year offering 5 cycles. Materials that are developed will support the concepts that are studied in each of the cycles. 

As always everything is and will be designed by Montessori instructors that hold a Montessori Secondary I credential. According to Aki Margaritis, CEO of ETC Montessori, "The middle school approach is relatively different than what most Montessori teachers are used to seeing and guiding children in the elementary. Therefore, it was important to have a clear understanding of how adolescents learn and how the secondary I program is implemented."

The three new items that are being released this October, 2022, are as follows:


Working with Negative Numbers

An integrated approach to helping upper elementary students (6th grade) and middle school students (7th - 8th grade) understand and work with negative numbers.

Includes concepts in:

  • History of negative numbers

  • Overview

  • Addition of Integers

  • Rules for Addition of Integers

  • Subtraction of Integers

  • Rules for Subtraction of Integers

  • Division of Integers

  • Rules for Division of Integers

  • Multiplication of Integers

  • Rules for Multiplication of Integers

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Understanding The Function of DNA and RNA

An ETC Montessori original! Aimed at students in advanced upper elementary and middle school, or 6th grade through 8th grade. 

For the first time, you can now present the functions of DNA and RNA to students in an easy and very understandable way. Using an original design, the building of DNA can be created in a way that is easy.


Introduction to Genetics

Another exclusive ETC Montessori item.  Fulfilling an area in science that up until now was virtually ignored in the Montessori classroom, teachers are now able to introduce students to advanced concepts without the need to fear the science behind the ideas. This kit includes everything needed to perform the work and meets an extensive list of standards that up until now have not been addressed.

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