Introducing ETC Montessori Digital.


Why just improve when you can reimagine?

As one of the world's largest publishers of Montessori curriculum, ETC Montessori is constantly trying to create new and intriguing ways by which to capture and spark children's imaginations.


In 2013, we introduced Project METIS. During our first week since its release, over 56,000 students had taken advantage of METIS and were successfully using it in their classroom. Following 2 years of data collecting, collaborating and talking with Montessori teachers from around the world, METIS has morphed into a new service. One that emphasizes reliability, consistency, and attention to relevancy and up-to-date information. We have incorporated a multi-sensory approach that supports student engagement and enthusiasm. Every subject allows the students to immerse themselves with modern, compelling, real world content.


Late 2015 saw a new professional partnership develop between ETC Montessori and Apple Inc. Apple brings the concept of simplicity and beauty to the classroom. ETC Montessori, on the other hand understands the educational work-flow that exists in a Montessori classroom, and the effective integration of Montessori curriculum with technology. Project METIS was never designed to replace the Montessori materials. Instead, we envisioned a way to change the way students work, giving them access to information in the context of what they are learning. Many of the tools we provide work in conjunction with the materials that already exist in the classroom.


While obviously this partnership is part of a broader ETC Montessori transformation process, this is not our primary motivation here. Our motivation is to enhance the way children absorb knowledge, take ownership of this knowledge and make the concepts relevant and personal to them, allowing them to uncover more information, extensions, research projects, group work activities, analysis questions, multimedia and movies. All of these approaches will ultimately allow children to make use of technology without losing the tactile sensation of the actual materials. All this is done in a controlled environment where teachers have the option to either incorporate our technology or simply use the materials in the traditional manner. The sub-benefit is that we are also changing the way we publish curriculum. Digital publishing continues to evolve, and most all of our students are well familiar with the tools they have at their disposal today. After all, we are dealing with digital natives.


We are pleased to announce that each set of digital materials will now be available to over 50 countries, allowing customers to take full advantage of our curriculum without the expenses associated with shipping, duties and time constraints.


METIS and all the resources associated with the various items are now available through ETC Montessori Digital Bookstore, the Apple iBooks Store®, and on Google Play® Books.


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Introducing ETC Montessori Digital.


Why just improve when you can


A Total Montessori Company