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Perfect in Design

Perfect in Implementation.

When we set out to design this curriculum,

we challenged several assumptions and preconceptions.

What we designed is beautiful.

While it is developmentally appropriate for 6 year olds to be emergent readers, in previous years this was not the case of children coming from Montessori Early Childhood environments. In fact, it was the norm that students coming from Early Childhood were often reading. Many Elementary Montessori Teacher Education Programs today only give a cursory glimpse at the skills necessary to teach reading. Even those programs that do acknowledge that there are children who enter the Elementary environment in the initial stages of reading, give instruction in the tradition Pink, Blue, and Green Montessori Reading series. The difficulty with this program is time. We at ETC recognize the efficacy of this series, if the child has approximately one and a half years to complete it. Unfortunately first level children do not have this much time as the vast majority of their curriculum requires some reading abilities.


Emergent readers need lessons to develop phonological awareness, phonemic mastery, decoding, and in constructing meaning. When non-readers attempt the beginning of the year activities, they are unsuccessful; furthermore, their teachers are not able to help them fill in the gaps within the Montessori framework. This Emergent Reading curriculum is intended to help those teachers unfamiliar with the skill of teaching reading. In addition, it will  allow those emergent readers to work at their skill level and still participate fully in appropriate classroom activities.

The real beauty, however, lies in how perfectly easy it is to

implement this curriculum.

Designed to move children from an emergent to a transitional reading level. Lessons and presentations that are tested and yield results.


  1. Rhyming
  2. Alliteration
  3. Oral Language -model segmentation of words
  4. Beginning sounds- lesson on beginning/middle/end with objects
  5. Ending sounds -Manipulation of sound
  6. Alphabet knowledge
  7. Phonological short term memory
  8. Concepts about print
  9. Reading Words CVC, blends with CVC, Long Vowels
  10. Developing Reading Fluency



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