Public and Charter Montessori Startup Consultation Services


As more communities realize the value of Montessori education and wish their children to experience this pedagogical approach, educational leaders are turning to Montessori/Charter schools. Often leaders are able to negotiate the requirements for obtaining a Charter but find themselves lacking the knowledge of implementation or structural planning for a full Montessori school.


Through our approach we are able to provide support and guidance during the crucial planning stages so that school leaders gain a smarter perspective of the educational culture. In this era of successful organizations, teams, and empowerment it is important that educational leaders gain a firm understanding of "what" can lead to improved standards of learning. In essence, administrators can be assured of a smooth transition from the time the charter is obtained to the moment the doors open.


Our services include:



  1. Leadership guidance
  2. Best practices for administrators and staff
  3. Teacher Training
  4. Continuing professional development
  5. Curriculum implementation
  6. Montessori material acquisition
  7. Formulation of strategic planning for sustainable growth


An initial 2 hour free consultation with our evaluation team is required.





Please contact us for more information and a price that is based on your specific needs.



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