Alignment and Correlations

Montessori Curriculum Alignment and Correlations to CC and NGS Standards

For many public school districts and charter schools, being able to correlate their existing Montessori curriculum with Common Core and State standards is critical. Particularly given the need to offer measurable student progress and assessments. Together, we can take the existing curriculum, correlate it to the standards, identify gaps, and suggest appropriate plans to bridge any shortcomings.


Organizations seeking to obtain charter status are required to provide a correlation study between Montessori curriculum and either Common Core Standards or State Standards. ETC Consulting personnel is particularly versed in being able to provide a full authentic Montessori curriculum guide matched with standards. Consultants who are charged with this delicate task are well versed in traditional and public Montessori environments giving them the ability to write a practical correlation document that will facilitate the obtaining of a new Charter.


The service of correlating the Montessori curriculum to your district's sequence, your State standards or the Common Core standards is designed and written with each individual client's needs in mind. Our approach is designed so that the correlation can be effectively implemented and delivered in a timely manner.  A list of services included follows.



  1. Analysis of current objectives by subject
  2. Correlation of Montessori curriculum to those objectives
  3. Correlation of Montessori curriculum to Common Core Standards
  4. Correlation of Montessori curriculum to State Specific Teaching Standards
  5. Educational plan for each academic level (pacing guide)
  6. Identification of any gaps in the currently implemented plans
  7. Remediation and effective implementation of Montessori curriculum to bridge identified shortcomings


This service is designed and based on your district's specific needs, and requirements, and is therefore a custom service. A free consultation with our evaluation team is required.





Please contact us for more information and a price based on your needs. Prices start at $350.


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