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The mission of ETC® is to provide a unique synergy of services that benefit the Montessori and Applied Learning educational community as well as the general public. The educational community includes professionals, educators, scholars, students, post-service educators, paraprofessionals, teacher's aides, and pre-service teachers. Through ETC® Consulting we can provide Montessori resources that allow schools to better implement practices and further enhance their curriculum. In addition, ETC® Montessori provides professional educators with Montessori curriculum and select materials that will enhance their existing program.


Founded in 2003 with the goal of improving educational practices through the implementation of Montessori pedagogical concepts and inquiry based learning, ETC® Montessori's emphasis is the development and publishing of Montessori curriculum. Our goal is to ensure that we produce curriculum that blends the traditional Montessori ideas and concepts with current and up-to-date brain research and along with new and breakthrough techniques in printing and production to produce aesthetically pleasing and pedagogically accurate Montessori curriculum. Today ETC® Montessori is the largest publisher of Montessori curriculum serving teachers and students from early childhood through middle school. Our team of award winning designers, seasoned Montessori educators that act both as consultants, and writers work closely together to ensure that every product that we produce is not only accurate and pedagogically appropriate but also beautiful and esthetically pleasing to the child.


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Innovation. Performance. Design.

It drives us.

Creating stunningly beautiful designs that not only attract a child's attention but also retains it, is no easy feat. Everything we design is meticulously tested and fine tuned to achieve the desired result.


Our mission, our core values and our individual desires are meshed into creating what your children hold and use every day. They are as much a part of us as we are a part of them. We believe that what we create will not only impact their thoughts but will ultimately mater in how they view their future.


We aspire to innovate.  We exist to improve and positively impact lives. We are where tradition meets innovation.

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Reach your goals.

ETC Consulting's main focus is that of offering consulting services that help schools through a variety of operating and organizational situations. One of the areas that ETC consultants are particularly versed in are the unique requirements that many public and charter Montessori schools face in meeting standards while still providing a full authentic Montessori experience. In 2015 Gulf Coast Montessori Teacher Education Center joined our family. The Montessori Teacher Training Center, located in Houston TX,  is offering Elementary I-II credentials.

ETC consultants, products, and agents, are highly regarded in the Montessori community. Since its inception, ETC has placed an emphasis on employing and working with quality individuals that are committed to promoting Montessori education. Our materials are designed by award-winning graphic artists, and tested by teachers and their students, as well as training centers and their interns. Our products as well as our consultants, are sought after by some of the largest and most prestigious Montessori Teacher Training Centers worldwide. ETC designers have won numerous awards throughout their careers and we recognize that it is through their talent that we are able to bring you work that is visually stunning and pedagogically sound. Today our products are known throughout the world and are distributed through a carefully chosen network of distributors with an emphasis on quality and customer service.


The company's philosophy of "Total Montessori" encompasses design, consulting, implementation, and full production of Montessori curriculum. Our company is founded on the ideas of exacting detail and carefully crafted richness, which is derived from the background of the company's key personnel.

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"Total Montessori."

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